Five Compatible Plugins for Gutenberg Block Editor


Gutenberg is a powerful block editor used in WordPress but there are thousands of plug-ins add-ons and extensions available on WordPress and some might not even work with Gutenberg. For that reason, we need to check the compatibility of our favorite plugins with Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is a block editor so most of the Gutenberg add-ons offer similar blocks. The main difference is the additional options each plugins offers.

In this article, we are going to show you the ten must-have Gutenberg compatible plugins that you can use to customize and create extra-ordinary website content and layouts. whether you are just a beginner or an experienced developer these plugins will provide you with many options to create the content you desire.

Without further delay, let’s get into it,

Fig(a): Gutenberg Blocks available at


Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is one of the most popular Gutenberg Blocks plugins in the WordPress repository.

When you are creating a website, you need all the customization power you can get your hands on. And if you’re searching for a Gutenberg extension that offers such ability, you’ll love Ultimate Addons. The plugin is developed by the Brainstorm Force team.

Ultimate Addons offers you a good number of creative Gutenberg blocks so you can create impeccable sites without writing code. The plugins bring a bunch of additional blocks such as exceptional headings, advanced columns, blockquotes, CTA, Contact Form 7 styler, content timeline, and Google Maps, among others.

Fig(b): Gutenberg Block Editor


The plugin is free and optimized for performance so you don’t have to worry about your website speed.

Fig(c): Atomic Blocks available at


Atomic Blocks is another popular Gutenberg Blocks plugin that is created by the team at Array Themes. It is now acquired by WP Engine.  This plugin includes many different blocks that will give you more control of the Gutenberg block editor.

Fig(d): Atomic Block Editor

Atomic Blocks comes with lots of useful layout elements to help you create more styled designs comprised of other blocks. This plugin is great and the blocks it provides can help you create beautiful pages and posts. Atomic blocks plugin works with any theme.

Fig(e): K2 Blocks available at


If you’re running a business, large or small, this block library is perfect for you.K2 Block is developed by Pookidevs and is part of the K2 Plugins.

 K2 Blocks can help you build a page packed with widgets that promote advertisement and customer interactions. Draw people in with a call to action layout or  advertise your business with the Hero Banner, and get conversions using the Magic Image and show progress using the Progress bar.

The timer will help engage your visitor to grab the products they want before the sale ends!. With the section and layout blocks, you can customize your page and make it look aesthetic as possible


Fig(f): K2 Blocks Editor

Fig(g) Stackable available at

Stackable is also one of the popular Gutenberg block plugins that come in both a free core version as well as a premium version with more features. It includes an array of new blocks, features, and templates.

Other general features include detailed typography options and tons of shape/blob dividers for each block.

Stackable blocks have a lot of detailed settings.

Some of the notable content blocks include posts (includes lots of different ways to showcase your most recent posts), Counter, Testimonial, Pricing table, Feature grid, etc.



Fig(h) CoBlocks available at

CoBlocks is a popular collection of Gutenberg blocks. It provides more of a page building experience to the block editor. It adds a more flexible Row and Column block. It also has Shape Divider and Dynamic Separator blocks to split things up.

It also adds a new Typography Control Panel that works with both CoBlocks and the default WordPress blocks. This lets you control the typography settings for individual blocks.

CoBlocks is free and available at

Gutenberg block editor allows for a smooth interplay between all these and any other Gutenberg blocks plugins, so you can combine custom blocks with the core blocks to get the most out of each of them.

K2 blocks is a WordPress plugin developed by k2 Plugins. You can contact us for customize plugin development at our Official site. Do share your experience of working with any of these plugins or leave a suggestion for us and we will get back to you.

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