How to add text & button to an image on elementor

Looking to add text over images with buttons on your WordPress site? Adding a text caption to featured images lets you add some context to your posts and also appear visually appealing & placing a call to action button


To get started, install the following plugins on your website

  • K2 Blocks – Expand the functionalities of the WordPress Gutenberg editor with K2 Blocks. Take your WordPress website to a whole new level with the essential and creative blocks from the K2 Blocks plugin that will lift your website’s design and boost its features.

Create a Reusable Block

Once both plugins are installed, create a reusable block with the following steps:

    • Go to reusable blocks from the left panel & Click on add new
  • To add a section click on + icon

  • Search Call to action  & select the widget
  • A default design of the widget will appear which can be easily customised from the right panel. Once the widget is finalised, click on the publish button
  • The block will appear in the “All Blocks” dashboard with usage options as well – don’t worry we will explain how to use in elementor

How to add reusable block in elementor

Create a Page and Add a new section to the Page 
  • To Create a page go to the WordPress dashboard > pages > add new

After the page is created it’s time to add a section to it. To Add the Section Click on the ‘ + ’ Icon.


add new section click on the plus icon

Now select any structure you like according to your need. We are choosing the plain one for now.

Insert a shortcode widget and paste the shortcode of the block you just created

Note: You can view the shortcode from Reusable -> All Blocks.

All done now – open the page in preview mode and the call to action widget will be there

Alright! Now you know how to add text and button to image in elementor.  We hope this guide has helped you. If you have any questions feel free to or Contact us we are happy to help. K2 blocks is a WordPress plugin developed by Pookidevs. You can contact us for custom plugin development at our Official site

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