How to Add Text on Pages using Elementor

Looking to add Text on pages using elementor? The Text Editor widget is an editor that behaves just like the classic WordPress visual editor. You can enter rich text, images, and even WordPress shortcodes.

Here, I will show you the easiest way to add text on pages using Elementor so let’s get into it.

Search and select the text widget from the menu bar on the left-hand side of your screen then drag and drop it in the selected area.

A window with the basic setting options will appear. Under the Content tab, It will give you many options to customize your widget.


Drop Cap: Slide to ON to set the first letter of the text as a Drop Cap, which makes it larger and gives it the ability to be styled independently from the rest of the text.

Columns: Select the number of columns to split the text into

Column Gap: Set the width of the gap between columns

In addition to the features that normally appear on the TinyMCE editor, this widget also gives you more styling options that let you change settings like font weight, line height, letter spacing, alignment, and more.


Text Editor

Alignment: Align the text to the left, right, center, or justified

Text Color: Choose the color of the text

Typography: Set the typography options for the text

Drop Cap (only visible if Drop Cap was set to On in the Content tab)

View: Select the view style of the drop cap, choosing from Default, Stacked, or Framed

Primary Color: Choose the color of the drop cap

Space: Select the exact space between the drop cap and the rest of the text

Border Radius: If Stacked or Framed is chosen as the View, set the border radius to control corner roundness

Typography: Set the typography options for the drop cap

Finally, after completing all the customization, Here is an example of output from our website

If you have added text to your website successfully then Congratulation! If not, then start checking the steps again. If you get stuck with any problem while following the above procedures, don’t hesitate to drop a line below.

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