How to add text to an image on Elementor.

Looking to add text over images on your WordPress site? Adding a text caption to featured images lets you add some context to your posts and also appear visually appealing.

In this blog, we are going to show you,  how to add text over the images in Elementor so let get into it.

To Create a page go to the WordPress dashboard > pages > add new

Fig (a) Click on Add New Page

After the page is created it’s time to add a section to it. To Add the Section Click on the ‘ + ’ Icon.


add new section click on the plus icon

Fig (b) Click on the Icon to Add the New Section

Now select any structure you like according to your need. We are choosing the plain one for now.

Fig (c) Click on the Structure to Add the New Section

After that click on the Edit Section icon in the section which brings up the edit section pane to the left.

Fig (d) Click on the Edit Section

Click on the Style tab of the Edit Section and expand the “Background” dropdown. Select the Background Type as “Classic”. Now, click on the “+” icon in the image attribute to add an image to the section.

Fig (e) Add Image to the Section

Click on the Upload Files tab in the Insert Media Pane and select the image you want to Upload.

Fig (f) Upload the Image in the Section

Once uploaded give it a proper title and alternate text and then click on the” Insert Media “ Button.

Fig (g) Give details about the image.

To do this, we need to open up the Edit Section panel. Click on the Style tab and open the Background dropdown. Change the Position to “Center Center”, Repeat to “No-Repeat” and Size to “Cover”.

Fig (h) Edit the Image and Customize it.

Now that the image is added, we will now add some text over it, and for that, we will click on the “+” symbol, then add sections panel will appear to the left. From there you can add any section you want to overlay over the image.

Fig (j) Click on the + to add text section on the Image

Here we are choosing the Heading Section for the sake of visibility. Now drag and drop the “Heading” to the section. A text section will appear over the image.

Fig (j) Click on the heading to add text section on the Image

Now Click on the Content tab in the edit section, write your text in the title attribute. 

Fig (k) Write the text on the image.

After this, set the Alignment to the “Center” so that the text is centered at the middle of the section.

Fig (l) Align the Text into Center

I have added some text to my image and here is a preview of it.

Fig(m) Preview

To add the button & heading in different styles like this – please check the part 2 of this article

Alright! Now you know how to add text over an image in Elementor.  We hope this guide has helped you. If you have any questions feel free to or Contact us we are happy to help. K2 blocks is a WordPress plugin developed by Pookidevs. You can contact us for custom plugin development at our Official site