Google’s Criteria and Interview Questions

These are the four attributes that Google is looking for:

(1) Role-Related Knowledge (RRK):

This is where Google wants to know how a candidate thinks and how they are bringing transferable knowledge to the table. You don’t need to know everything but you do need to know enough to answer questions related to your role

Example interview question: For a sales role, you might be asked “Tell me about a time you had to achieve your sales target in a quarter”

(2) General Cognitive Ability (GCA):

It is known to be the most important attribute that hiring managers look at. It might sound scary but its actually just a way for interviewers to see how you answer open-ended hypothetical question. The focus here is not on the solution rather the interviewers want to see how you approach a problem and how you design and approach or framework to solving it.

Example interview question: “Imagine Sundar Pichai wants to invest in your country and is looking at you to help with this – what recommendations would you make?”

(3) Leadership skills:

This is a standard attribute that interviewers at any tech company use to assess you, not just Google. They are trying to see how you step into leadership roles formally or informally. How do you behave in a team environment and if you would make any effort to assume leadership role even if you didn’t have the title.

Example interview question: “Tell me about a time when you had to step into a leadership role even when nobody asked you”

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