Solved: Big Sur 11.3 Keychain keeps asking for login password

What is keychain Access

A keychain is an encrypted container that securely stores your account names and passwords for your Mac, apps, servers, and websites, and confidential information, such as credit card numbers or bank account PIN numbers.

When you access a website, email account, network server, or other password-protected item, you can choose to save the password in your keychain so you don’t have to remember or enter the password each time.

Fixing the problem "Solved: Big Sur 11.3 Keychain keeps asking for “want to access key access in your keychain”"

Your mac is repeatedly asking for login keychain password or others as well. This can happen because of multiple reasons, one of them can be your macOS user account password might not match the keychain access.

Here’s the fix:

  • Open keychain access from Applications -> Utilities
  • Open the “Keychain Access” dropdown.
  • Open Preferences & click on “reset default Keychain..”
  • Prompt will be open to enter the password. 
  • Enter the password that you remember for keychain & it will solve the issue


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