Solved: Error starting “XAMPP” stack: Cannot calculate MAC Address

Are you getting this error?

Error starting “XAMPP” stack: Cannot calculate MAC Address

You also might have faced this issue recently after the latest update of Mac OS. Let’s start by understanding the cause of the error and how we can fix it.

Cause of the error

This error is due to multiple reasons but it recently came up because Apple has released macOS Big Sur 11.3 which is the latest update after macOS Big Sur 11.2. It offers many of the same features, and brings others to the Mac that were already enjoyed on iOS.

However this MAC OS Big Sur 11.3 update has caused many issues including that the developers aren’t able to work on the local environment.

How to Fix this

There are multiple solutions to this problem, it depends on the stack you are using. We will be posting all solutions that worked in different scenarios.

Please note that any of these solutions might work for you but make sure to take backup of your data before trying them out

Solution 1: Update Bitnami HyperKit

Hyper Kit

But you don’t need to worry as they have temporarily launched a hyper kit file to solve this issue. 

Note: Please note that this hyperkit is in testing mode so make sure to take a backup of existing projects & data inside the bitnami folder

Following are the steps to solve this problem:

Step 1: 

To solve this issue, open the terminal & run this command. This will create a backup of your current files. 

cp -rp ~/.bitnami ~/.bitnami.back
create a backup of applications command

Step 2: 

Download the new hyperkit library using the following command

cd /tmp

curl -LJO ""
download the new hyperkit library command

Step 3:

Make sure that the md hash is matching by running the following command

md5 /tmp/hyperkit-testing-20210430

MD5 (/tmp/hyperkit-testing-20210430) = 37495adde6a3279dd7265904b85c3dc9

Note: Do not continue with the next step if the md5 checksum doesn’t match

Step 4: 

Replace your current hyperkit binary with the downloaded one

mv /tmp/hyperkit-testing-20210430 ~/.bitnami/stackman/helpers/hyperkit

chmod +x ~/.bitnami/stackman/helpers/hyperkit


Start the Bitnami OS X VM again and ensure you can access your application.

Note: If you get a security warning regarding the new hyperkit binary not being signed, go to Security under System Preferences and allow its execution. Restart the OS X VM if necessary.

Here is a link to the steps shared by bitnami team on their support forum question 

Solution 2: Delete Stackman Folder

Close your XAMPP application & open the terminal. Run this command
rm -rf ~/.bitnami/stackman
Open the XAMPP application again & see if it’s working now

Solution 3: Reinstall XAMPP

If none of your solutions are working then try re-installing the xampp on your local machine. Make sure to save the data in your local machine before re-installing so you don’t lose your data.

How to install XAMPP on your Mac

We have explained step by step instructions on how to install XAMPP on your mac. 

Here’s the Article Link


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