WebStorm Freezes in macOS Big Sur Full Screen Mode


Does Web Storm Freezes in MacOS Big Sur Full Screen Mode, whenever the user opens the preferences tab in WebStorm or any other..

Are you facing this issue?

In this tutorial, we are going to solve a problem one of our members from the technical team had to encounter while working on this software

So the issue in WebStorm can occur either when you try to open preferences tab or trying to install a new plugin,  the window appears and freezes.


Now we will discuss what causes this

The error is caused in macOS Big Sur 11.2 where the Prefer tabs is set to the following option “always”  that causes all dialog windows to be opened as a windows tab which does not accept input.

The error not only exists with the WebStorm but also with all the other IDEs in which dialogs are displayed as tabs and the IDE becomes unresponsive.

To work around and prevent this issue, Follow the steps given below:

Here’s the fix

1- Go to System Preferences -> General

systempreference general

2-  Open the prefer tabs drop down & select “Never

Select Never in Prefer Tab

3-  Restart the WebStorm & try opening the tab again – it should open like this


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